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The excess on your insurance policy is the amount you pay towards any claim you make. Our car and van insurance policies have a number of different excesses which may apply.

With third party fire and theft cover you have to pay the first £250. But comprehensive policy holders can choose from a range of excess options between £150 and £1,050. This means you can reduce your premium by agreeing to pay a higher excess or opt for a lower excess and pay a higher premium.

Our policies also have other excesses to help us keep premiums as low as possible.

One of these applies to windscreen claims. If your windscreen is damaged and you use an approved glass repairer, you pay the first £10 towards it being repaired or £75 towards it being replaced.

If your car is damaged and you choose not to go to an approved repairer to get it fixed, you pay an additional £200 excess.

There’s also an additional excess of either £250 or £500 if you have a high powered or high value vehicle. And if you’ve a young driver on your policy there’s £300 to pay on top of your standard excess if they’re aged 17 to 20 and driving at the time of an accident, or £200 if they’re aged 21 to 24.

We may occasionally apply another additional excess if you have a very poor driving record, for example. We suggest you check your quote or policy documents to see exactly what applies to you.

And that’s it, insurance made a little easier.

Policy excesses are the amount you pay towards any claim you make. Understand them better by watching our helpful video.

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