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We may ask for proof of your no claim discount (NCD) during your period of insurance. There are several ways to do this. To learn more watch our helpful video.

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We may ask you for proof of your no claim discount or NCD during your period of insurance. That’s because we want to ensure you’re benefiting from the right discount for your good driving record.
It can take the form of your renewal invitation or a letter from your previous insurer, and if you have trouble getting hold of this information simply give us your old policy number and we’ll try and get the details for you.
It’s important that the proof you give us is provided by your last insurance company though. We can only accept your no claim discount if it relates to a policy you’ve held within the last two years.
The evidence should also be in the main driver’s name and show the vehicle details, the number of years the NCD was built up over, and the date the policy expired. Don’t forget that you can only use your NCD on one vehicle at a time, and to tell your previous insurer that you want to cancel your policy.
If we do ask you for proof, you can send it to us in the way that suits you best.
Email - 
Address - Aviva NCD team, PO box 3435, Norwich, NR1 3GS.
If you decide not to renew your Aviva policy our renewal schedule or letter should count as evidence for your next insurer. If you cancel at any other point and have been insured with us for more than a year we’ll automatically include proof with your cancellation letter. If you’ve been with us for less than a year we’ll send you a separate letter to confirm your NCD entitlement.
If you’ve any questions, just call us on 0345 030 6984 and we’ll be happy to help you. We want to make it simple for you to benefit from your good driving record.
And that’s it, insurance made a little easier.

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