What type of insurance do I need?

Car insurance is a legal requirement in the UK, but the level of cover you choose is up to you.

Across the industry as a whole, there are three general types of car insurance:

  • Third party – covers your liability for injury caused to other people or their property damaged in the incident, not the cost of repairs to your vehicle
  • Third party, fire and theft – covers third party costs and the cost of repairs to or replacement of your vehicle because of fire, theft or attempted theft
  • Comprehensive – covers third party costs and the cost of damage to your vehicle even if the incident is your fault.

Through Aviva, you can get either third party, fire and theft car insurance or comprehensive insurance. 

Why would I consider third party, fire and theft insurance?

Although it doesn’t cover accident damage to your vehicle, you might find this type of policy is suitable for you if:

  • your car has a low value
  • your car is cheap to repair or you could repair it yourself
  • you can afford to simply buy a new car if you damage this one.

Because it’s a lower level of cover, you may find third party, fire and theft insurance is cheaper than comprehensive cover. Usually, this will be true, but it may not always be, so make sure you check if you’re buying this cover to keep your costs down.

Can I add options to my car insurance to suit my needs?

If you opt for our third party, fire and theft insurance, you’ll be restricted as to what optional extras you can add to your policy. You will be able to put additional drivers on the policy but only if they are aged 25 or over. 
If you choose our comprehensive cover, you can pick and choose from a number of options to build a policy that works for you. This could include things like:

  • making sure you get a courtesy car if your car is out of action
  • protecting your no claim discount
  • getting added Motor Legal cover
  • using your vehicle abroad
  • adding personal accident cover

Are all insurance polices the same no matter who you get them from?

The short answer to that is no. We’ve already talked about the different levels of cover, but even if you’re comparing the same level of cover from different insurers, check what each one offers. Not all insurers offer the same as standard, such as uninsured driver protection, replacement locks and child seat cover.

And don’t assume that the most expensive policy is the best or the cheapest policy is the worst. You’ll find a range of different prices for insurance policies, so check what’s covered as standard and what optional extras you might want to include.

Is Aviva on comparison sites?

No, we’ve chosen not to appear on comparison websites. If you search for policies on those sites, make sure you check our website to see what we can offer you.

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