Will you make the Pledge?

Will you make the Pledge?

Together with Brake, the road safety charity, we’re proud to launch a partnership to educate all road users on six golden rules of driving, encouraging everyone to make a personal Pledge.

The Pledge calls on you to drive less and do everything you can to protect yourself and the people around you to follow six simple rules:

1.    Slow – always stay within speed limits and slow down to 20 mph in communities

2.    Sober – never drive after taking drugs or drinking alcohol

3.    Secure – make sure everyone belts up on every journey

4.    Silent – never make calls, text or use social media when driving

5.    Sharp – have regular eye tests, at least every two years and never drive while tired or stressed

6.    Sustainable – try to use public transport, walk and cycle as much as possible

 Make the Pledge before Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week runs from 20-26 November 2017, and we’d love you to show your support by making the Pledge before then.

Making our roads safer is just good thinking, so we’ll ask people to show their commitment to saving lives and road safety by making and sharing Brake's Pledge online. Even if you don’t drive, you can still make the Pledge to make sure the driver of any car you’re in sticks to the six Pledge points.

Our support allows Brake to continue running its national Road Safety Week and its helpline.

Through the helpline, Brake provides emotional support, practical information, advocacy services and face-to-face support to anyone bereaved or affected by an injury in a crash. Brake’s helpline supported more than 1,800 bereaved and seriously injured people in 2015.

We want to encourage people like you to think about and even change your behaviour for the better on the road.

Find out more about how to drive safer

Get involved now by watching Driven to Distraction.  This is an All 4 series where several celebrities, including Tinchy Stryder and The Chuckle Brothers, highlight the dangers of poor driving habits by tricking their unsuspecting passengers.

You can also find out how safely you really drive, on the road with our Aviva Drive app or online by taking our quiz

For more information on Brake, go to brake.org.uk

Brake also offer a helpline (0845 603 8570) along with care literature for those who have suffered the effects of a road crash.

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