Care, not cash

Video transcript

VO: At Aviva, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do
VO: And that includes acting in their interests
VO: Take whiplash, it costs UK motorists a whopping £2.5 billion
VO: Adding £93 to each driver’s car insurance
VO : In 2014, 80% of injury claims were whiplash related;
VO: But in France, only 3% of injury claims are for whiplash
VO: And 96% of these personal injury claims arrived from third parties. That means they’re from people like personal injury lawyers
VO: It just doesn’t add up
VO: And the public is on our side. You want the UK brought in line with the rest of Europe
(on screen: 7 in 10 people want the Government to implement reforms)
[Vox pops from members of the public]
VO: We need to reform the system. So we’ve come up with a plan
VO: A roadmap to sort out this problem for UK motorists
VO: Meaning fewer whiplash claims, lower premiums
VO: Help for those with genuine injuries to get the care they deserve
VO: And action against anyone who abuses the system with fraudulent claims
[Rob Townend’s sound bites]
VO: We can put an end to this compensation culture
VO: By cutting out the excessive costs within the industry
VO: We can provide fairly priced motor insurance for everyone
VOa: Get on board, sign our petition and show that it’s care not cash that matters

Aviva outlines the reasons why reform is needed to reduce the cost of motor insurance and help injured motorists get better.

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