A car to celebrate your first promotion

A car to celebrate your first promotion

Profile: Achieved first promotion

Average age: 28

Average income: £34k

Average number of cars owned: 2

Priorities: For this life stage technology is the most popular priority when looking to buy a car.

Usage: With growing career success, 44% use their car mostly to drive to work, meetings and other office locations.

Needs and wants

You may look to treat yourself to a new car to celebrate your first promotion. This is probably going to be something stylish with plenty of tech toys for you to enjoy, whilst also remaining practical and comfortable for your commute to work.


Suggested car: Volkswagen Golf GTI

The Golf GTI ticks all the boxes as it’s sleek and sporty to impress your colleagues, but it’s also functional. The powerful engine and sports seats make this car agile and a joy to drive to work in. It also has a range of technology features so you can stay connected on the road, and handy park assist to help you manoeuvre into small spaces.


Did you know?

Volkswagen is a German word which means “people’s car”.


You could also try a…

Mini Cooper One. Packed with technology features including head-up display and review camera (to help parking). Plus twin turbo engine, sports mode and sports seats.


Quick tip

Driving during rush hour and on busy city roads can be stressful, so always leave plenty of time to complete your journey. In traffic jams, don’t lose concentration and look ahead to anticipate any sudden changes.




Please note all cars mentioned are suggestions only – these are based on the needs and wants identified for each life stage from a survey conducted by Aviva on 2000 car drivers in Sept 2015. All the percentages quoted within the ’priorities’ mentioned for each car life stage group are taken from the Aviva Survey, as above.

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