Getting around as a graduate

Getting around as a graduate

Profile: Graduate

Average age: 28

Average income: £34k

Average number of cars owned: 1

Priorities: When looking to buy a car, 22% of graduates place design and aesthetics as one of their top priorities. 15% place fuel efficiency as their number one priority. 


Needs and wants

First impressions count, so you’ll be looking for something sleek and professional to travel to and from work. It’s also likely you’ll be feeling very aware of any student debts you’ve acquired, so a practical car with low running costs would be ideal.


Suggested car: Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is affordable but also smart – perfect for driving to your new office. This car has numerous colour and customisation options to choose from, so you can really put your stamp on it and make it your own. It’s also small and very economic, so you’ll be able to nip around the city effortlessly and squeeze into tight parking spaces without guzzling fuel.


Did you know?

Johnny Depp was spotted driving a vintage fiat 500 in the film ‘The Rum Diary.’


You could also try a…

Vauxhall Corsa. This also includes options for customisations, the city mode saves fuel and comes with advanced park assist.


Quick tip

Removing excess weight, keeping your types inflated, and driving smoothly in higher gears will help to further improve your fuel efficiency and save you money on petrol.




Please note all cars mentioned are suggestions only – these are based on the needs and wants identified for each life stage from a survey conducted by Aviva on 2000 car drivers in Sept 2015. All the percentages quoted within the ’priorities’ mentioned for each car life stage group are taken from the Aviva Survey, as above.

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