Travelling with a growing family

Travelling with a growing family

Profile: Parents with multiple children

Average age: 38

Average income: £40k

Average number of cars owned: 4

Priorities: 39% of parents with multiple children consider safety as a priority when looking to buy a car, followed by 27% wanting to ensure there is enough space and legroom.   

Needs and wants

Once your family starts to grow, safety will still be a key priority. Whether you’re ferrying children around to birthday parties, or taking a longer trip to visit family, you’ll be looking for a car with sufficient leg room and boot space. You’ll also need to ensure you have enough power for a fully packed car or a long distance drive.


Suggested car: BMW 2 Active Tourer

This car has a 5* Euro NCAP rating^, and also boasts advanced chassis control systems – so driving is a little easier even if you’re being distracted by a game of eye spy. The Active Tourer comes with adjustable seating, luggage compartments and under floor storage solutions, to easily accommodate those growing bodies and all your family’s belongings. With Twin Power Turbo technology, the engine provides a powerful, agile but fuel efficient drive.


Did you know?

The blue and white colours in the BMW logo represent the flag of Bavaria, Germany, where BMW is headquartered.


You could also try a…

Citroën Grand C4 Picasso. With 7 seats, this includes spacious, comfortable, versatile seating, and a flexibly load capacity 


Quick tip

Having a car full of noisy children can be a big distraction when you’re trying to concentrate on the road. Make sure they have plenty to keep them happy and entertained on journeys.



^European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) provides consumers with an independent assessment of the safety level of the most popular cars sold in Europe. 

Please note all cars mentioned are suggestions only – these are based on the needs and wants identified for each life stage from a survey conducted by Aviva on 2000 car drivers in Sept 2015. All the percentages quoted within the ’priorities’ mentioned for each car life stage group are taken from the Aviva Survey, as above.

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