Taxi for teens

Taxi for teens

Profile: Parents with teenagers

Average age: 45

Average income: £39k

Average number of cars owned: 6

Priorities: 38% of parents with teenagers place safety as one of their key priorities. Car space and power are both equally important, with 20% of parents prioritising each of these. 

Needs and wants

As a parent, safety will probably remain high on the priority list, and you’ll also need to think about accommodating gangly teenagers with added head space and leg room. It’s likely you’ll be the designated taxi driver for picking up children and their friends from parties, so flexible seating is a must. You may also need a car to transport equipment for hobbies and sports – as well as boot space for family activities, camping trips or holidays abroad.


Suggested car: Land Rover Discovery Sport

With flexible 5+2 seating, generous leg room and adaptable loading space, the Discovery Sport is perfect for accommodating your children and their friends, packing suitcases, or loading other equipment. If you’re looking to take the family on an adventure, this powerful car is built to drive effortlessly both on and off road, with towing options also available.  It’s very safe too, with a 5* Euro NCAP rating^. 

Did you know?

The Discovery Sport is capable of towing up to 2,200kg; the same weight as a small African elephant.


You could also try a…

Hyundai Santa Fe. With 5-7 seats, safety features plus 7 airbags and touch screen sat nav, you can taxi the teens in safety and style.


Quick tip

If you’re picking up your children late at night, be extra cautious when driving in the dark. Look out for drunk drivers; sleep deprived motorists, and animals on the road. It’s also sensible to try to stick to well-lit areas. 




^European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) provides consumers with an independent assessment of the safety level of the most popular cars sold in Europe. 

Please note all cars mentioned are suggestions only – these are based on the needs and wants identified for each life stage from a survey conducted by Aviva on 2000 car drivers in Sept 2015. All the percentages quoted within the ’priorities’ mentioned for each car life stage group are taken from the Aviva Survey, as above.

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