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Everyone’s situation is different. So it can be reassuring to have an expert looking into your finances and recommend what’s right for you. And that’s exactly what our financial advisers do.

They’ll kick things off with a chat — just to get an idea of what you want your retirement to look like. You don't need to pay a thing for this conversation and if they think our advice could help you, they'll go over the charges before you choose to proceed or not.

But if you decide to go ahead, one of our fully qualified team of advisers will be able to do a deep dive into your pensions and advise you on what’s best based on your needs and goals. And you have the option to get continued support if you choose too. Please bear in mind that our advisers can only recommend Aviva products and services.

Need financial advice?

Find out more about how you can get tailored financial advice and the charges involved.

What’s financial guidance?

You can get free guidance from the government:

  • Pension Wise helps over 50s with defined-contribution pensions to navigate their many retirement options. As well as free phone appointments and face-to-face meetings to talk about your retirement plans, you can also contact them online.
  • Money Helper offers free online information and guides, as well as support over the phone and online chat. They'll help with all financial issues, including debt, mortgages and insurance.
  • Money Helper also offers information and guidance about pensions.

It may be worth getting in touch with your current pension provider to see if they can help you too.

Why take financial guidance?

Government services and pension providers’ staff are well-trained and have often worked elsewhere in the financial services industry.

And because it's free, you can take guidance as a ‘no regrets’ introduction to any issues you’ll deal with when making decisions about your pension planning. A guidance conversation may highlight things you've not considered.

However, keep in mind, guidance services will not offer you financial advice. That is, they won’t tell you what the best course of action is for you.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you might consider paying for financial advice instead.

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