24 hour help from a GP

As part of your My Health Cash Plan, we give you access to a 24 hour GP helpline. We understand that sometimes, when you need to speak to a medical professional, you don't want to wait. You'll get fast, professional and confidential help at any time of day and night, all year round. Call our 24 hour GP helpline on this number and you'll speak directly to a qualified GP.

  • 24 hour GP helpline: 0800 068 5822

Calls to and from Aviva may be monitored and/or recorded.

When would I call the GP helpline?

You can call our GP helpline whenever you have a question about your health. Our qualified GPs can offer advice and will let you know if it's advisable to book an appointment with your own GP or seek further help.

Questions about symptoms

Day and night, if you’re worried about symptoms, you can call the GP helpline. Our GPs can only help with medical issues, but you’re welcome to call for guidance on symptoms that you’re experiencing. You’ll be given guidance as to whether or not you should seek further medical assistance, and which symptoms to be more aware of if you are not feeling well.

Questions about medical information, drugs, or treatments

You’re welcome to call our GP helpline if you have questions about something you’ve heard connected to your healthcare, treatment, or about drugs you’re receiving. For example, if you’ve been prescribed a drug but are worried about a side-effect, you can call the GP helpline. Our GPs won’t have access to your personal medical records, but they can give you information about treatments, drugs and care.

Questions about upcoming hospital care or treatment

If you’re worried about going into hospital or a treatment, you can call the GP helpline. For example, if you’re concerned about hospital bugs, our GPs will give you information about precautions you can take to minimise infection; if you’re worried and would like to find out more about an operation you’re having, our GPs can explain the procedures to you so that you’ll know what to expect.

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