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Bad news 'could make women more susceptible to stress'

Bad news stories have been shown to affect the way women deal with stressful situations.

Many companies are now offering employee health insurance to help workers deal with anxiety and the new research has shed further light on to the physiological responses seen at stressful times.

The report from the University of Montreal found that women produced more cortisol - the stress hormone - after reading negative stories in newspapers.

One of the researchers, Marie-France Marin, said: "Although the news stories alone did not increase stress levels, they did make the women more reactive, affecting their physiological responses to later stressful situations."

She added that it can be very difficult to avoid the news, but it could certainly help women if they were more selective with their sources.

Although the report only studied the hormonal response of 60 people, the scientists found no evidence that men reacted in a similar way.ADNFCR-438-ID-801467545-ADNFCR

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