Health advice

Staying healthy is important…

With busy lives we don’t always recognise the early-warning symptoms of ill health. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to work out if anything’s wrong at all. Learn more about some common health concerns – how they could be affecting your life, and the simple steps you can take to improve your health.


You know smoking’s bad for you, but it’s hard to kick the habit. Find out more about what tobacco could be doing to your health – and get help to quit.

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Is it the flu, or is it a cold? Get to know the difference, and find out what action you can take to avoid catching or spreading the infectious influenza virus.

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Blood pressure

180 over 90; too high, too low – what does it all mean? Learn about blood pressure, and find out why it’s so important to keep yours at the right level.

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Heart problems

Here’s our guide to some of the most common heart problems, and what might happen if the heart isn’t working as well as it should.

Common Heart Problems explained


In a modern world, stress is part of our everyday lives. Discover why a little stress is good for you, and find out ways to reduce the effects of negative stress.

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