Diet and Health

By far the most common problem with the British diet is excess. People in the UK tend to consume too much food, especially too much fat, salt, and sugar. Overconsumption of these nutrients has been linked to some of the main causes of death in the UK: heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Making informed choices about your diet could improve your chance of avoiding these diseases.

The huge growth in the availability and popularity of fast food has led to a corresponding rise in poor eating habits because packaged snacks and meals often contain large amounts of ingredients that can be harmful. The first article in this section provides easy-to-follow guidelines on how to assess and improve your diet, explains how food energy is measured, and describes how each of the major food groups (carbohydrate, protein, and fat) contributes to your nutritional needs. Many people in the UK have a diet that provides more energy than they need, and, as a result, a significant percentage of the population is obese and suffers from health problems associated with being overweight. The second article explains how to determine your ideal weight and explores various methods of losing or gaining weight.

Eating well

Food is essential for good health but is also an important aspect of social life for most people. Cooking and sharing healthy food can be an enjoyable part of daily life.

Health Options: Understanding Food Labels

A Healthy Diet

Fad Diets

Controlling your Weight

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