Exercise and Health

Exercise is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. This idea is not a new one; the fact that physical activity is linked to good health can be traced back to the Greeks in the fifth century BC. Since then, research has proven that exercise prolongs life, protects health, and can reduce the risk of disease. Taking part in team sports also provides the opportunity for social contact.

Many people in developed countries lead a sedentary lifestyle, and too few people exercise regularly. By making a concerted effort to incorporate physical activity into your daily life, you can become significantly healthier.

The first article in this section outlines the overwhelming physical and psychological benefits of being active. Exercise also has an effect on other aspects of your lifestyle. For example, people who exercise tend to smoke less than those who do not. Developing a habit of regular physical activity may encourage you to give up smoking.

The second article provides practical guidelines for assessing how fit you are and improving your level of fitness.

The last article explores safe habits and routines to adopt when exercising to minimize the risk of injury.

Exercise for life

Exercising on a regular basis can improve the quality of your life by improving your strength, stamina, and psychological health and by providing you with the opportunity to socialize.

The Benefits of Exercise

Taking Regular Exercise

Exercising Safely

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