Safety and Health

Although most deaths and disabilities are the result of disease, a substantial number have other causes. About 1 in 40 deaths in England and Wales is caused by an accident. At home, on the road, at work, during recreational activities, and when travelling, accidents result in injuries to millions of people every year.

Accidents are the most significant single cause of death in children and young adults and are a major cause of death and disability in elderly people. They are also a major cause of serious injury in people of all ages. For example, in 2007 nearly 3,000 people were killed, and about 28,000 were seriously injured, in traffic accidents in England and Wales alone. These injuries have substantial social and economic costs and may also have psychological effects such as post-traumatic stress disorder. The prevention of accidents has become a major concern for both medical and economic reasons. This section is designed to alert you to potentially dangerous circumstances in your everyday life, whether you are at work or at home. The first article addresses safety and health in your home and is followed by others on health and safety in the garden, in the sun, in and around water, with pets, at work, on the road, and when travelling.

Family safety

When taking part in sports or travelling by road, make yourself aware of potential dangers and take action to minimize the risks to you and your family.

Home Safety and Health

Safety in the Garden

Safety in the Sun

Safety in and Around Water

Pets and Health

Safety and Health at Work

Safety on the Road

Travel Health

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