Self-help: Caring for Someone with Dementia

If you are taking care of someone with dementia, you need to balance his or her needs with your own. In the early stages, it is important to allow the person to remain as independent and active as possible. As the disorder progresses, there are several measures you can take which help to compensate for the person’s failing memory, loss of judgment, and unpredictable behaviour:

  • Put up a bulletin board with a list of things that need to be done during each day.

  • If wandering is a problem, persuade the person to wear a badge with your contact details and phone number on it.

  • Place notes around the house that help the person to remember to turn off appliances.

  • Consider installing bath aids to make washing easier.

  • Try to be patient. It is common for people with dementia to have frequent mood changes.

  • Give yourself a break whenever you can by finding someone who can help for a few hours.

  • Join a carers’ support group and investigate day centres and respite care options.

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