Self-help: Living with Epilepsy

If you have recently been diagnosed as having epilepsy, the following points may be helpful:

  • Avoid anything that has previously triggered or may trigger a seizure, such as flashing lights.

  • Learn relaxation exercises to help you cope with stress, which may trigger seizures.

  • Eat and sleep at regular times.

  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol.

  • Check with your doctor before taking medications that may interact with anticonvulsant drugs.

  • Make sure that you have someone with you if you are swimming or playing water sports.

  • Wear protective headgear when participating in contact sports.

  • Before applying for a driving licence, talk to your doctor and contact the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency for regulations.

  • Consult an adviser before choosing a career because some types of employment may not be suitable.

  • Seek advice from your doctor if you plan to become pregnant.

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