Self-help: Recovering from Depression

There are a number of strategies that help you to rebuild your self-confidence and regain control of your life while you are recovering from depression. Try to plan your day so that any potentially difficult tasks become easier to deal with, and practice relaxation techniques on a regular basis. You might like to try some of the following ideas:

  • Make a list of things that you have to do each day, beginning with the most important.

  • Tackle one task at a time, and reflect on what you have achieved when each is done.

  • Set aside a few minutes each day to relax by breathing deeply or stretching (see Relaxation exercises).

  • Exercise regularly to help to reduce feelings of stress (see The benefits of exercise).

  • Eat a healthy diet.

  • Take up a pastime or hobby that distracts you from worries.

  • Join a support group where you can meet other people who have had similar experiences.

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