Serious Injuries

Injuries can affect any part of the body, but they are most often serious if they affect the head, chest, or abdomen. Such injuries may be the result of an accident or a deliberate act of violence by another person. In addition to their physical impact, serious injuries may have long-term psychological and emotional effects.

The first half of this section covers serious injuries that usually have an accidental cause. Crush injuries, which are the most common form of serious injury, often result from a road traffic accident. The number of deaths from traffic accidents has fallen in recent years, mainly as a result of improved design of cars and other factors such as drink–drive laws. However, every day about 8 people are killed on the roads in England and Wales. The next two articles discuss burns and electrical injuries. Burns are extremely common and may result from a wide variety of accidents. Most burns are due to minor accidents and occur around the home. Severe burns often occur in industrial environments and may result in permanent scarring or even death. Electrical injuries are a specific form of burn injury, often causing damage to internal tissues that may not be initially apparent. Such injuries may occur in the home but are often a result of an accident in the electrical or construction industries. The final two articles cover injuries that are usually associated with crime: stab and gunshot injuries. These type of injuries are still relatively uncommon in the UK.

Injuries that are specific to one area of the body are covered elsewhere (see Head injuries, Spinal injuries, Musculoskeletal injuries, and Eye injuries).

Crush Injuries


Electrical Injuries

Stab Injuries

Gunshot Injuries

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