Skin and Hair Disorders

Young skin is sensitive and particularly susceptible to irritation or allergies. Most skin disorders in children are minor, affect only a small area of skin, and disappear as the child grows older. Many skin and hair disorders that affect children can be treated successfully at home with over-the-counter preparations.

Skin and hair disorders that mainly or exclusively affect children include a number of rashes and viral infections. The section begins with disorders that may affect young babies: birthmarks, which are present at birth or develop soon afterwards, and two skin rashes, cradle cap and nappy rash. The next article discusses eczema, which is sometimes caused by an allergy and may persist for many years. Viral infections that cause a rash and affect only young children are also covered. The section concludes with an article on infestation with head lice. Children are especially vulnerable to this problem due to close contact with other children at school.

Skin and hair disorders that affect people of any age are covered either in the main section on skin, hair, and nails or, if the disorders are caused by viruses, in the section on viral infections.

Key anatomy

For more information on the structure and function of the skin and hair, see Skin, Hair, and Nails.


Cradle Cap

Nappy Rash

Eczema in Children

Roseola Infantum

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

Head Lice

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