Test: Urodynamic Studies

Urodynamic studies are carried out to investigate problems with bladder control, including incontinence and restricted urine flow. In these studies, probes are inserted into the bladder and rectum or vagina to monitor pressure changes while the bladder is being filled through a catheter and emptied. In some cases, the bladder is filled with a contrast medium (a dye that shows up on X-rays), which enables the doctor to view the shape of the bladder on an X-ray monitor. You will be asked to cough as the bladder fills, which may cause leakage of urine if you have stress incontinence.

X-ray monitoring

During the procedure, you stand against an upright X-ray table for continuous X-ray video monitoring. The functioning of the urethra and bladder can then be viewed while pressure changes are recorded.

Site of probes

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