Treatment: Hair Transplant

Baldness can be treated surgically by several different methods of hair transplantation. In the method shown here, a strip of skin and hair is taken from a donor site, usually at the back of your scalp or behind your ears. The removed hairs and their attached follicles are then inserted into the bald area on the scalp, which is called the recipient site. You will usually be given a mild sedative, and both the donor and recipient sites on the scalp are anaesthetized before the procedure is carried out.

Donor site

During the procedure

A strip of skin containing hairs with attached follicles is taken from the donor site, usually at the back of the scalp. The surgeon then makes numerous tiny incisions in the area that is to receive transplanted hair.

Transplanted hairs

The hairs from the donor site are inserted into the incisions using tweezers. The hairs themselves fall out shortly afterwards, but new hair starts to grow from the follicles 3 weeks to 3 months later. The donor site heals in about 5 days.

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