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We know we’re supposed to eat a healthy mix of foods and most of us try hard to include 5-a-day in our diet. Finding out more about nutritional components can make another positive difference to the kinds of food you choose. Improving your health by understanding more about nutrition may be easier than you think.

Five-a-day made simple

What to eat? What counts as one portion?
All types of vegetables 3 heaped tablespoonfuls
Mixed salad 1 desert bowlful
Grapefruit/avocado pear/other citrus fruits 1/2 fruit
Apples, bananas, oranges 1 medium fruit
Plums and similar sized fruit 2 fruits
Grapes, cherries, and berries 1 handful
Fresh fruit salad, stewed or canned fruit 3 heaped tablespoonfuls
Dried fruit (raisins, apricots etc.) 1 tablespoonful
100% fruit juice 1 glass (150ml)


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