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As a provider of international private medical insurance, we canvas the opinions of employers and employees regularly to find out why they spend time overseas, and what their concerns may be about the process of semi-gration.

Semi-gration is what we call an employee’s relocation overseas, working for a company that’s based in the UK. Employees may stay on their own, but a whole family is often relocated temporarily in the foreign destination for several months if not years at a time. Here are some of the key facts we’ve discovered in our latest report on relocation trends:

Relocation can be a challenge

Over half (58%) of companies send employees to countries they’ve not had a presence in before, which can make the move itself a logistical challenge.

Employees prefer sunny, attractive destinations — the top three choices are Spain, Australia and the United State. The region employees least want to visit is India, one of the emerging BRIC countries that are popular with expanding businesses. BRIC refers to the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China, which are seen to be at a similar stage of economic development.

On average, relocations last between one to five years — almost half the employees we spoke to (48%) have thought about moving abroad. Some deciding factors include the feeling that relocation to a warm country may mean it’s less stressful to work, or that there’s the possibility for a better quality of life overseas.

Unfortunately, the relocation process may be far from simple. 68% of employers say described relocation as challenging, with overseas regulations and rules making it a complicated process. Perhaps not surprisingly, over half (54%) of employees come home because they’re missing friends and family.

International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI)

Our research shows that employers realise having an IPMI policy in place could help a relocation process go more smoothly. Over half (57%) see an IPMI policy as being a way to make sure that employees can access medical treatment — and, reassuringly, over a third (34%) see the advantage of offering their employees 24-hour support while working in a foreign country.

To find out more about our IPMI policies, visit our International Private Medical Insurance pages.

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