5 New Year's resolutions you’re likely to keep

5 New Year's resolutions you’re likely to keep

We all try to keep our New Year’s resolutions, but life can get in the way if we’ve aimed a bit too high. Hang on though, what if we aren’t choosing the right resolutions to start with?

Here’s a list of five easy ones. They aren’t like some of the resolutions you’ll see at this time of year: they don’t involve spending lots of money, or starting things that’ll be hard to keep going. These are all New Years resolutions ones you should find easy to keep.

Number 1: Learn something new

Believe it or not, learning can be great fun. You’ve always wanted to try baking your own bread? Gardening? Give it a go. It doesn’t always mean spending money on expensive kit.

Find a taster session locally or ask a friend who can teach you, see if you actually enjoy it before going the whole hog. The internet is great for learning new things too. There are loads of ‘How to’ videos on YouTube to get you started in almost anything.

Number 2: Explore more

They say travel broadens your horizons. But if you can’t afford the trip of a lifetime to the Pyramids, don’t worry, there’s plenty to see at home.

Have a weekend away in another part of the country. Visit a town you’ve never been to. Stay local and take a road you’ve driven past a hundred times, or just get out and about, find out where that little footpath goes. Explore your own neighbourhood. And if you’ve got kids, take them with you to make it a real adventure.

Number 3: Don’t worry, be happy

Easier said than done you might think, as you disappear under a pile of paperwork, washing or nappies. But do take some time to appreciate the little things in life: ‘count your blessings’ is what people often say. Do something nice for someone – even if it’s just smiling at a stranger in the street. Happiness is contagious.

Number 4: Start a rainy day fund

If you can put away £10 a month, that’s £120 by the end of the year (which you could spend on your surfing lessons). Put it in the bank and you get interest too. ‘Regular Saver’ bank accounts are great for this. Or why not simply start a loose change jar? You’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up.

Number 5: Get a little bit healthier

We’re not saying you should aim to run a marathon this year (but if you do, well done). There are lots of little things you can do to get healthier. Take a ten minute walk every morning, swap jam doughnuts for bananas. Think big, but start small.

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