Aviva Health Check UK Report

Aviva Health Check UK Report

Author Aira Torralba

In this, our second edition of the Aviva Health Check UK report, we’re delighted to bring you more news of trends in health, weight, diet, fitness, illness and mental wellbeing across the nation.

Tracking the health of the nation

It’s in all of our interests to understand as much as we can about changing health patterns today, so that we’re better prepared to cope with major wellness concerns in the future. 

As health experts, we’ve always been conscious of the impact that poor diets and sedentary lifestyles may have on our public health services over time. However, other changes in health patterns can also play an important part in shaping our healthcare – and it’s these broader issues that we’re keen to monitor, using to shape the best possible portfolio of services for our members.  

Spotlight on self-help

In this edition we’re focusing in particular on people’s concerns about their own personal wellbeing. Surveying 2,000 UK adults of all ages, we’ve also looked at the effects of increasing pressure on our public health services, and what we could do to alleviate the situation over time. After all, if we don’t look after ourselves now, who knows how we’ll cope with poor health in the future?

  • We look at our attitudes to the NHS; patients’ expectations; and what the feelings are about the amount of individual responsibility we should take for our own health.
  • We also shine a spotlight on people’s thoughts about cancer too – what’s actually needed during diagnosis, and concerns about the finances surrounding services and drugs. 

Talking about technology

Our spotlights also examine the growing role of digital technology, and what an important role it could play in helping people to take a more active role in monitoring and managing their own health.

Happily, it looks as though mobile apps and wearable technology could help to reduce the burden on healthcare services. We asked our audience for insights on that tech; ‘internet diagnosis’; health apps and ‘virtual GP services’. And as always, we balanced our survey to gain views of first-hand physical experiences, not only with GPs but also at the hands of healthcare providers in general.

The feedback is illuminating:

  • Did you know that screenings for cancer carried about by the NHS are now more commonly relied on than self-checks at home?
  • Would it surprise you to find out that over half (51%) of our audience say health foods are expensive, but a sizeable number of our respondents (27%) would eat more healthily if only they weren’t so busy?

And would you have imagined that over half (55%) our audience of 2,000 adults experiencing stress say they suffer in silence – neither looking for nor getting any help for their problems? 

Second Survey, Greater Insights

Download the Aviva Health Check UK Report now, and you’ll discover other insights to the health of our nation.   

We also look at key issues such as how large the gap is between perceptions of weight and actual levels of obesity among adults; access to GPs; the percentage of people taking prescribed medication – and people’s concerns about the NHS not being able to meet our population’s needs in the future…

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