Keeping track of your fitness

Keeping track of your fitness

Once you’ve set your fitness goals, how do you know if you’re achieveing them? Hopefully, you’ll see and feel the results every day – not just with a healthier, fitter body, but in the way you feel about yourself mentally and physically. Even if it’s weight loss that’s your aim though, and you’re weighing yourself regularly, it’s a good idea to make plans that include a way of checking your progress. Achievement is a great motivator. 

A few extra steps (with a pedometer), an extra set of squat-thrusts (ticking off on a sheet) or even a graphic summary of what you’ve been doing over a longer period of time (delivered through a mobile app perhaps) ... these are all great tools to keep you focused on making fitness a part of your lifestyle

  • Set up reminders on a calendar that you can see every day
  • Use reminders, on your phone or at work, as timely prompts to get active
  • If you have a smartphone, check out fitness tracker apps – many of which are free
  • If you prefer not to use technology, it’s easy to keep a fitness diary or journal

Perhaps most importantly, it’s a good idea to think carefully about planning your fitness routines in advance. Measuring your success is only possible if you’re actually out there, making the effort to get fitter and healthier!


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