Spotlight on technology - health tracking apps

Spotlight on technology - health tracking apps

Do you remember when you last had a cold? Or a course of antibiotics? Time can play tricks with our memory, which can make it harder to help your GP find out what’s actually wrong – unless you’re making good use of today’s technology, that is. Let’s explain how health tracking apps work, and why they’re such a good idea.

Symptomatic of our lives

Symptoms – telltale signs – are easy to remember when they’re unusual, like a rash or non-stop vomiting. But in a busy life, how do you pin-point a problem headache? Can you remember when it was one of those hangover-type aches, rather than a painful blinding migraine? Do you get them once a week, or twice a month? The more active we are, it seems, the less time we may have to keep on top of how we’re feeling.

When it comes to specialising in technology though, as healthcare experts we like to share news about what other companies are developing too: things like general healthcare tracking apps that can be run from smartphones and tablets for example.

‘appy to use an app

These days, smartphones and tablets are easier to use than ever before. Apps are usually easy to download and set up, and software companies work hard to make them ‘user friendly’. And as well as adding entries about symptoms and medication, many health tracking apps let you make notes about things that could be uniquely important to you, like how much exercise you’re doing, how often you feel stressed, and what you’re eating.

All of these things can help to build up a picture of your life, your health levels and how you’re being affected by external influences in your life – and that amount of detail can be really useful for healthcare professionals.

Using an app to track your health

With those extra details, it’s easier for doctors to make a confident diagnosis from the outset. And if you’re coping with a long term illness or condition (asthma, for example; ongoing abdominal pain, cramps, aching joints etc.), then a detailed picture of how things are going can play a vital part in shaping a treatment plan that’s going to be most effective.

It takes time to build up a detailed picture of your health, but with a tracking app it only takes a few moments to update your progress or symptoms. We’ve worked with designandprosper to help them develop a range of healthcare apps for tracking both specific illnesses and general symptoms. Easy to use, they make managing your health a quick and simple part of your everyday life – which is how it’s supposed to be. Why not have a look at designandprosper’s website and find out more about tracking apps in general?

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