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Getting you back up and running

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Enjoy a wide range of physiotherapy cover

A simple £14.50 a month can help complement the care you receive from the NHS with our Physio Essentials. We’ll help get you back on your feet. 

As long as you’re aged 18 or over, you can add your spouse, partner or civil partner to your policy for an additional premium.

Face-to-face physiotherapy

See a physiotherapist from your nearest network

Virtual physiotherapy

Access to expert physiotherapy from the comfort of your home

Telephone clinical assessments

Up to 5 telephone clinical assessments for each member, each policy year

Is Physio Essentials right for you?

You can’t prevent all accidents, but you can stay prepared. Physio Essentials helps give you the care you need to bounce back from injuries with private face-to-face and virtual physio treatment. 

Access to private physiotherapists

It’s often after an accident where the long-term effects of an injury can really take hold. And if they do, waiting weeks to see a physiotherapist  could leave you in real distress. With Physio Essentials, you’ll get quick access to physiotherapy as soon as you need it.

Treatment designed around you

We offer flexible cover based around your individual needs. Our virtual physio provides bespoke programmes to help you recover from the comfort of your own home. Require face-to-face treatment? No problem. You’ll receive it as quickly as possible.

What Physio Essentials offers

It’s all about providing the right help and care to get your body moving correctly after illness or injury. With a range of flexible treatment options, we'll quickly get you on the road to recovery.

What's covered
  • Telephone clinical assessment
    Each member can have up to 5 telephone clinical assessments every year, provided by a fully qualified physiotherapist
  • Personalised programmes
    Depending on the outcome of your assessment, you’ll either get an online personalised programme of exercises to complete or access to a network of physiotherapists for further treatment
  • Virtual physiotherapy
    Get a bespoke online programme featuring exercises specifically tailored to your needs and easy-to-follow demonstration videos – you’ll also get follow-up calls to check in on your progress
  • Face-to-face physiotherapy
    During your telephone clinical assessment, your physiotherapist might recommend having face-to-face physiotherapy, in which case they’ll arrange for you to see someone from our partners, IPRS Health
  • Exclusive online information
    A wealth of information is provided by physiotherapy experts to support your musculoskeletal health and wellbeing

What's not covered
Unfortunately, there are a few things we can't cover:

  • First 30 days
    You won’t be able to apply for an assessment with a physiotherapist during the first 30 days after you’ve taken out or joined the policy
  • Physiotherapy in your home
    We don’t cover face-to-face treatment by a physiotherapist in your home
  • Exercise equipment and appliances
    Equipment or appliances (such as a TENS machines or orthotics) that your physiotherapist recommends aren't covered

Ready to get cover?

Physio Essentials cover is just a few steps away. 

How it works

Making a claim couldn’t be easier. With £432 million in health claims paid out during 2019, you can count on us to help you cope with your illness or injury 1.

Step 1

Book an appointment online

If you have pain in your back, neck, muscles or joints, simply book a telephone clinical assessment appointment online.

Step 2

We’ll get in touch

A physiotherapist will contact you to talk about your symptoms and assess the severity of your condition.

Step 3

And recommend treatment

Depending on what’s wrong, the physiotherapist will recommend either an online personalised programme of exercises to complete, or face-to-face treatment sessions with a local physiotherapist in your network area.

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