What is Diagnostics Insurance?

What is Diagnostics Insurance?

Quite simply, diagnostics insurance is a valuable short cut through the system that can give you peace of mind and prompt diagnosis when you’re ill. It’s important to understand that diagnostic insurance does not help you get private treatment, but it can be very useful in finding out what’s wrong quickly.

Why would I buy diagnostic insurance?

It’s usually much less expensive than private health insurance because it doesn’t pay for any treatment. A diagnostics policy covers tests such as CT scans, MRI tests and X-rays for example, examinations and hospital charges if they're directly associated with getting a diagnosis.

Wouldn’t I get that in a full health insurance policy?

Yes, you would. But the premiums on a full policy are going to be higher, because they’ll usually cover some aspects of the treatment too.

Couldn’t I just get a GP to find out what’s wrong?

When you go to a GP with symptoms or concerns without a full insurance policy, you’re usually asked to join an NHS waiting list – unless it’s an emergency. So it may be quite some time, weeks or months even, before you find out what’s wrong. However, with a diagnostics policy the costs involved in getting the diagnosis privately are covered, and typically you can be seen much quicker.

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