How we live in 2020 from work and home to travel

A new report from Aviva provides a snapshot of lives, plans and aspirations for Brits, revealing how things have changed during 2020.

Comparing data compiled in December 2019 with new research from July 2020, the report explores homes and property aspirations, careers, leisure activities, travel and transport and the impact of technology. Some findings from the report include:

  • A third of UK households are multi-generational – but lockdown only accounts for a small proportion.
  • One in eight UK homes have granny flats or annexes, or have plans to develop one at their property.
  • UK homeowners over-estimate the value of their properties by around 23%.
  • More than half of UK workers (53%) plan to make changes to their careers in the next 12 months and five million people plan to turn a hobby into an income stream.
  • Almost half of the nation’s adults (45%) tried their hand at new hobbies in 2020, with baking, walking and gardening topping the list.
  • People plan to walk and cycle more, while 6% – increasing to 14% in London – intend to use electric scooters.
  • Holiday plans are taking a back seat for many: two fifths (38%) plan to take a break in the UK within the next 12 months, while a third (34%) hope to take a holiday abroad during the same period.

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