Your cover if you host Ukrainian refugees

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to let you know if there are refugees staying in my home?

If you wish to welcome refugees from the Ukrainian crisis, our home insurance will cover you and there’s no need to do anything. We’ll treat refugees as guests, and you don’t have to tell us that they’re staying with you. They’ll be covered by your policy in the same way as guests living in the home.

Will I need to tell you in the future?

If your policy is due for renewal within the first 12 months of the refugees living with you in your home, you won’t need to tell us. If, after 12 months, any individuals or family are still living with you, then you’ll need to tell us when your policy is next due for renewal.

Does my insurance only cover refugees from Ukraine?

While this is our response to the Government scheme to help refugees who’ve been displaced by the Ukrainian crisis, we’ve chosen to extend this to our home insurance customers who host refugees from other countries too.

What is the position if there are new people residing in my home?

Normally, if the number of people living at your property changes, you’d need to contact us so we can update the number of residents living at the home, and understand any cover needs. Your premium could change as a result of this, and some policy conditions may apply if residents are not immediate family or named policyholders. However, in response to the Government scheme to help refugees of the Ukrainian crisis, we’ll treat any refugees – including those from other countries – as guests under your home insurance and you don’t need to tell us if you’re housing refugees in your home.

If I house refugees, is there anything else I need to consider?

We’d encourage you to check your policy to make sure it covers your needs.

How might my home insurance premium change if I put up a refugee in my second home or one that I normally let out?

If you wish to house refugees in your second home, guest home or rental property, you don’t need to tell us and there’ll be no additional premium. 

Will the UK Governments £350 payment for housing refugees effect policy cover?

No, we will treat refugees as non-paying guests and cover will apply as per the policy wording.


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